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Meet the Sailing Sec!
Saturday 08 February 2020, 20:00 - 23:00


  • Mini cruises to Ipswich dock for lunch or Halfpenny Pier
  • Cruising around the East Coast – Deben, Walton Backwaters, Stour, Blackwater etc
  • Short day Trophy races not longer than 2 hours with a start around 10am and back in the club for drinks and prizes by 1400. Prizes are the Cups behind the bar that are currently unused. Take your own start time and finish time.
  • Pursuit race with slowest boat starting first and rush to the finish line!
  • Combined Clubs races representing Pinmill SC against all the others!
  • EAORA racing around the North Sea and putting crew places together.
  • Tuning your rigs and sails
  • Understanding the Racing Rules
  • Getting to the startline and crossing it on time!
  • Boat Handling
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