Pin Mill Sailing Club (PMSC) is fully committed to encouraging Members to take part in sailing and other boating activities, and to enjoy the facilities that the club has to offer, but the health, well-being and safety of each individual is always our paramount concern. It is the intention of PMSC that Members and their guests or visitors to the Club should be able to enjoy the club’s activities and facilities in reasonable safety while acknowledging that water sports, by their very nature, can be hazardous.

To this end PMSC will seek to:

• Ensure that hazards and Health & Safety risks are identified, actively managed and periodically reviewed.
• Develop and maintain a positive Health & Safety culture.
• Ensure that Health & Safety policy is communicated to all members, contractors, and hirers.
• Periodically review and update the Health & Safety policy.
• Promote positive health and safety practices and provide resources as reasonably required to ensure the adoption of good practice.
• Provide training in Health & Safety to contractors and members where appropriate.
• Obtain professional advice on Health & Safety issues where required and ensure that equipment is safely maintained and that substances are used and stored safely.

Additional rules and guidance may be issued by the general Committee from time to time if required by Government regulations or special circumstances.

The ultimate responsibility for implementing this policy lies with the PMSC General Committee who will ensure that it is given priority alongside other major objectives. Health and safety issues will be discussed, and any incidents reviewed by the general committee.

Responsibility for implementation is shared by members, contractors and visitors who must ensure they are aware of and comply with the Club’s procedures and the requirements of good practice while in our clubhouse and grounds. In particular, all parents and guardians are reminded that children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times and ensure that due care is taken in respect of the special characteristics of our location – e.g. the risks arising from the proximity of the river and the need to avoid climbing on the balustrade or railings.

Compliance with the Club’s procedures is a condition of work/use for all PMSC contractors and hirers. In accepting membership of the club, members, (or when hiring or doing work in the club, hirers and contractors), are deemed to have accepted that they have a personal responsibility for ensuring that they (and their guests or employees where appropriate) are familiar with and comply with the club’s procedures impacting on Health & Safety as
outlined in this statement and/or communicated from time to time by notice boards/email.

PMSC General Committee – July 2nd 2021

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