Membership - subscriptions

Applications for membership are welcome from all - sailing or social. To apply, click here for the on-line application form.

To see the Rule book click here

Applications will be posted on the Club House notice board for a period of at least 10 days before consideration by the General Committee.

You will then be notified of the decision of the General Committee by the Membership Secretary.

Club subscriptions are at the following rates:

No payment is required at time of application. The membership secretary will contact you once you have been accepted, requesting payment.

Membership category Subscription and one-off joining fee of £54

Household = member, spouse & immediate family under
21, all residing at the same address

£96 + joining fee of £108 = £204
Single £54 + joining fee of £54 = £108
Junior (age 18-21) £20 + joining fee of £54 = £74
Cadet (age 12-17) £10 + joining fee of £54 = £64
Out of country (non-resident in UK) £12 + joining fee of £54 = £66

NB: A member elected after 1st April shall be liable to pay the joining fee and pro-rata annual subscription for months left in the year. The joining fee remains fixed at the rate of a single subscription per applicant

Subscription renewals are due by 1st April annually: a discount of £5 for Household (£91) and £3 for Single (£51) will be eligible if paid prior to the due date of 1st April

Out of Country Membership is intended for members that move abroad / go on an extended cruise outside of the UK. This level of membership incurs the following restrictions:

A maximum of 6 visits to the Clubhouse per annum
Not eligible to sign in guests
Circular to be downloaded from the website
Membership card to be supplied if applied for with postage paid

Joining Fee (one off payment) is equal to the current single subscription for each new full member and, in the case of Household membership, 1 x single subscription for each adult in the household.