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First Prize, and selected for the 2018 Almanac cover: LYNNE HAMMOND

Through the Porthole

phoca thumb l lynnhammondthroughtheporthole

Second Prize: DEREK MELTON

"Let's go fishing!"



Sunset, Ramsholt

phoca thumb l lynnhammondsunsetramsholt

Highly Commended

John Bowen Waiting for the Rain

Shirley Balfe Coming ashore at Manningtree

Lynne Hammond 1.Spot the Difference; 2.Blue Sky at Night)

Jill Hodgson Shotley Mud 4

Paul Jefferies 1.Oops! There goes my X-box;

2.From little acorns; 3. Morning has broken)

Pat Prosser 1. Sunrise, Pin Mill; 2. Misty Morning, Pin Mill

John Sparks Early morning, Swale Match

Val Stone The Posts

Renee Waite Misty Morning


Shirley Balfe Tall Ship

John Bowen Young Orwell Butterflies

Lynne Hammond Cloudy Night, Ramsholt

Paul Jefferies "Shall we stay here tomorrow?"

Pat Prosser Rainbow over 'Butt & Oyster'

John Sparks Foredeck

Renee Waite 1. Barge; 2. Pin Mill Boat

Val Stone Kennet & Avon

John Williams Fun in the Forepeak





  • 1st: Lynne Hammond- Through the porthole
  • 3rd: Lynne Hammond - Sunset, Ramsholt
  • John Bowen - waiting for the rain
  • Lynne Hammond - Blue sky at night
  • Jill Hodgson - Shotley Mud 4
  • Paul Jefferies - oops there goes my x-box (Solomon islands)
  • Paul Jefferies - From little acorns (suvarov)
  • Paul Jefferies - Morning has broken, Butley rive
  • Val Stone - The posts
  • Reene Waite - Misty morning
  • John Bowen - Young Orwell Butterflies
  • Lynne Hammond - Cloudy night, Ramsholt
  • Paul Jefferies - Washing day (Kumai, Borneo)
  • Reene Waite - Barge
  • Reene Waite - Pin Mill boat
  • Val Stone - Kennet & Avon
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