Winter draw 2023

Winter draw 2023

Special winter draw for Christmas

Every Friday, starting from Friday 3rd of November, any Club Member that comes down to the Club and purchases drinks, will automatically be entered into the Christmas Prize Draw, with a prize of £100.

Every drink purchased (over £1) will be rewarded with one prize draw entry ticket, with the Members name written on it. The more drinks you buy the more chances you will have to win! 1 ticket for each drink. So buy a round of 5 drinks (each over £5) = 5 tickets.

The Draw

The main Draw will be at 9pm on Friday 22nd December.
The winner of the £100 will be the first name pulled out, who is present at the Club house and a paid up Member of the Club.
There may be some fun Friday night draws on the run up to Christmas. (Anyone whose ticket is drawn on these occasions will be put back in for the main draw on the 22nd December).

This is a fun Winter Special to encourage Members to venture out on the dark, cold winter Friday nights and support the Club bar (which is a main source of income for the Club). It will run for 8 Friday nights and those who spend more will get more chances to win, BUT even they will have to be present on the Big Draw Night to stand any chance of winning the £100 Christmas present from the Club.

Of course guests of Members are still very welcome but as with previous prize draws, only PMSC members can win, thus why only Members paying at the bar will be entered.