BBQ volunteer info

BBQ volunteer info

Firstly thanks for volunteering to help! As a private members Club we are totally reliant on our members getting involved and doing their bit. To help keep you going please do accept our thanks and hospitality with a few free drinks while you are cooking, it’s thirsty work after all!

If you need anything or have any questions after reading below, then call Di, on 07925002570.

The Club opens at 5.30pm for Summer BBQs and people will start to arrive at this time, so Ideally get there at 5pm to set up and start cooking.... Izzie is our bar person, she usually arrives at 5pm to sort the bar and she will open back store for you.

Set Up

There are two tables tucked in beside the BBQ - one for serving, one to hold meat etc. The large table is looking a bit sad!- there is a cover in the large BBQ tools box. The legs do pull up on the smaller table. Top tip — set up below is how Di and Peter, the experts, do it!




  1. BBQ will be in position.

  2. RAIN - If it's raining bring a couple of big umbrellas to stay dry or gazebo if you have one. If weather forecast is very windy and wet we can cancel if you don’t want to BBQ in those conditions, text Di to discuss or confirm.

  3. BBQ TOOLS etc. are in a large plastic storage box, which is stored in the dining room underneath the serving hatch. Napkins, kitchen rolls etc. — also found in the storage box + paper plates. BBQ tools in box. Large shallow plastic boxes — one to keep rolls in before use + one to keep meat covered until cooked. If you can’t find something where it should be have a hunt around...things do get moved by members!

  4. ONIONS Ready sliced onions are in the small freezer in the back Store. We usually cook them in one of the roasting tins in the oven with some oil , cover with foil and then transfer into the small saucepan found in the BBQ plastic box — easier to keep hot on the BBQ. They take about 30 minutes to cook through.

    * Please do not put onions away in the large freezer — they will taint the Ice creams.

    *If you use the last bag of onions please text Di.

  5. CHEESE SLICES - in kitchen fridge - small box to keep slices in outside.

  6. SAUCES — various sauces and relish in fridge but also sachets of tomato sauce, mayo in boxes at the further end of kitchen, if needed. Top tip - have small table at the end of the benches for the sauces etc - stops getting congestion right in front of the BBQ.

  7. VEGETARIAN - there are veggie sausages and burgers in the kitchen freezer. We usually cook them in the oven, or if you don’t use the BBQ hot plate for any meat you can cook on there, just keep them separate and they are quite small so can give two burgers in one bun.

  8. MEAT - Burgers and sausages will be in the fridge and rolls will be in the kitchen.

  9. GLUTEN FREE ROLLS There are some Gluten free rolls in the kitchen freezer. Paul Jefferies is gluten free — he usually comes to the BBQ- might be worth taking one out to defrost in the kitchen.

  10. PAYMENTS -— all payments will be taken over the bar...customer will bring you their receipt which is proof of purchase and their order.

  11. BBQ - includes Hot dog or Beef Burger with or without cheese, and onions, if you do them. You can keep it that simple! Some people do bacon too, which is in the fridge and would need to be cooked as well.

  12. Please ensure burgers and sausages are cooked properly through.

Clear up

BBQ is advertised from 5.30pm to 7.30pm or until meat runs out if earlier, so please be available with food during these times if possible.

Please also note that no one will come along later or next day to clean up so please, ensure you do this and leave it as you found it for the next person, along with ensuring no rubbish left - all can go in large bins at the back of the club.

  1. CLEAN BBQ - After finished cooking please clean BBQ, scraper and brush in the cupboard under the BBQ. Scrape off as much fat as possible, wipe over with hot soapy water. Next user — heat BBQ and allow any debris to burn off - this will also sterilise the grills.

  2. Please put ketchup, mayo etc, back in fridge and clean up round BBQ.

  3. LEFT OVERS - Please place any left over meat or buns in the small freezer in the back store room - Freezer bags are in the drawers underneath the microwave ovens.

    *Please pack sausages in two's using the thin plastic bags and then put into the bigger thicker bags.

    *Burgers please place a thin plastic bag between each burger before placing in the strong large bags- this makes it easier to separate when cooking from frozen.

    *Bread rolls do not freeze very well, they tend to dry out unless defrosted carefully! — see if you can sell some to members at a reduced price or use them yourselves. You could leave a few packs (unopened) for Sunday lunches.

    *Please write the date on the large bags. If you use the last of the freezer bags let Di know.

Please text or phone Di - 07925002570 - to let her know how many Burgers and sausages you sell so she can order for the next week.