Photo comp 2020 RESULTS

and the winner is...

Many thanks to Anthony Cullen for braving the unenviable task of judging. He has offered the following observations:

I thought the winning shot was very atmospheric, good use of reflections and nice composition. Overall very strong entries with thought given to:

Leading lines (5,9,14,17,19,22,24,26,36,37)
Silhouettes (1,8,15,19,33,37,42)
Backlighting (1,5,8,15,16,17,21,33,37,42)
Composition (1,2,5,6,8,15,17,19,21,24,25,26,33,37,42)
Time of day (2,7,15,26,21,22,33,42)
Reflections (2,15,17,26,19,21,33,38,42)

and, very importantly, for a trying 2020...humour (11)”!


Thanks to everyone who has supported this competition and particularly Lee Foster, who had to work out how to do it!


First prize, and winner of the Cleyndert Trophy:

"Lighten Our Darkness" - Tim Crosbie


"Rope Reflexions" - Stephanie Stanley


"Safe Haven" - Graeme Hammond

Safe haven

Member’s Choice:

"Morning Calm" - Ron Watts 

Morning calm


Highly Commended

1 ‘Goose’ - Mark Shallow
5 ‘Boarding will Commence when Covid is Over’ - Tim Crosbie
6 ‘We’ve Been Framed’ - Tim Crosbie
9 ‘Leading Lines’ - Tim Crosbie
11 ‘First Class Accommodation on the Trawler’ - Renee Waite
15 ‘Swan in the Sunset’ - Renee Waite
16 ‘Waves at Napier’ - Renee Waite
17 ‘Swan Family at Pin Mill’ - Stephanie Stanley
22 ‘Boat Shadows’ - Stephanie Stanley
24 ‘Mast’ - Jill Hodgson
26 ‘Jetty’ - Jill Hodgson


2 ‘Morning Calm’ - Ron Watts
7 ‘SB Rose at Beaumont Quay’ - Tim Crosbie
8 ‘Reach for the Light’ - Tim Crosbie
14 ‘Rushing Water’ - Renee Waite
18 ‘Springtide on the Common’ - Stephanie Stanley
21 ‘Bucket on a stick’ - Stephanie Stanley
25 ‘Up to the Start’ - Jill Hodgson
33 ‘Evening Ferry’ - Shirley Balfe
36 ‘Reclamation Resurgam’ - John Bowen
37 ‘Lonely Sentinels’ - John Bowen
38 ‘Mud Weed Feeding Time’ - John Bowen

and here are the photos...