This is the only PMSC sailing event of the season, please support it!

Why not sail for the Hapenny Cup on Sunday 4th October, in memory of the film. This is a time trial race with a difference. You predict how long you will take. The skipper closest to their prediction wins the fabulous Hapenny Cup tankard and there will be a BBQ at the club afterwards. The course starts and finishes at the PMSC start line, to East Fen buoy (upstream of the Orwell bridge).

 The Cup takes its name from the delightfully awful, black and white film, ‘Ha’penny Breeze,’ which was shot in and around Pin Mill in the 1950s, featuring many local folk as ‘extras.’ It tells the story of the revival of the leisure boating industry at Pin Mill after the dark days of World War II and centres upon a yacht race.

Our event is definitely NOT a race. However, several years ago, our round-the-world sailing member, Paul Jefferies, came up with the idea of a special fun event that would enable yachts of all types to compete on equal terms. He commissioned a special trophy, which he named ‘The Ha’penny Cup’ - a handsome pewter mug embossed with a bronze pre-decimal currency half penny coin.


The rules of the Ha’penny Cup event are simple: - Any yacht of any size or shape, with any number of crew*, may take part. (*Subject to RYA Covid-19 advice).


This year, vessels must start at any time between 10.30 and 10.45 a.m. on Sunday, 4th October. The course will be from the Pin Mill Sailing Club Start Line to East Fen Buoy, one third of a mile past the Orwell Bridge (passing to port) and returning to the the Pin Mill Sailing Club Start Line - a distance of six miles. Before crossing the line, skippers must call the event organiser, Graeme Hammond on 07958 533784, or VHF channel 72, call sign “Ha’penny Cup Control” to declare their anticipated time-on-course. They will be honour-bound to record their accurate start and finish times and must declare them on completing the course. The winner will be the boat with an actual time closest to its predicted time on course. So it will not matter if you are sailing a dinghy or a 40-foot racing machine - you will have an equal chance, depending on your skill in calculating the effects of wind and tide. However, you must be sailing for the entire time on course. You may NOT use your engine, heave to, reverse course, deviate from track by more than 90 degrees, or alter your sail plan (i.e. reef sails), except for safety reasons. You may, however, employ slowing-down tactics and you may use a spinnaker if you choose.

Last year’s winner, Peter Smith, will be defending the trophy.

PLEASE NOTE: Skippers are encouraged to include a non-sailing PMSC member in their crew for the event. They will be allowed to add or subtract two minutes to or from their time, if they have a pre-declared and named non-sailing member on board. It is hoped to organise an open-air barbeque at the Clubhouse after the event. Please contact Graeme Hammond at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require further information. It would be most helpful if you would indicate at least a couple of days in advance if you intend to take part.

Course: PMSC Start Line to East Fen Buoy (P) to PMSC Start Line - Start time: between 1030 and 1045


Don’t forget the BBQ afterwards!

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04 Oct 2020;
Ha'penny cup & BBQ

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