Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to watch the Match ?

The very best spot is during the start (see start times). This is the one time when we can guarantee that you will see all the entered Barges over an hour period.

Other good viewing points are Shotley Point (near Marina), Felixtowe Dock Viewing point and of course Pin Mill itself for the finish (see below), or from a bowsprit...

On the bow

Where is the Start ?

This takes place at Buttermans Bay, this is only accessible by walking along the foreshore path at Pin Mill (behind the Butt and Oyster) or across a Footpath through Hill Farm, Chelmondiston. Both will take about ½ hour.

Buttermans Bay



What time does the match finish ?

The original how long is a piece of string question. -
All we can say on this is that we try to set a course that gives the Barges about 5 to 6 hours sailing bringing them back off Pin Mill late lunch time. However the weather and Tide will determine the course we are able to set on the day. It has been known to finish by 10:00 and it has also happened that we have had to shorten the course to finish them out at sea

 3 in a row


What course do they sail ?

See above answer, the course is not set until about ½ an hour before the match starts so that we are working on the latest weather prediction. Safety of Crew , Passengers and the Barges themselves is our paramount concern


Where can I buy a programme ?

Programmes are available at the Pin Mill Sailing Club, Butt and Oyster, most marinas on the Orwell and Ipswich Tourist office.


Where and when are other matches during the year ?

Visit the Sailing Barge association website for up to date information ;