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It is possible to subscribe to a choice of PMSC calendars, in order to automatically see PMSC events in your electronic diary / calendar.

Select Desktop / laptop, Android or Apple from the options below:

Desktop / Laptop



Adding a PMSC calendar to your Android / Google calendar on a smartphone or tablet, is a TWO STEP PROCESS that requires the use of a desktop / laptop in step 1.

DO NOT CLICK ON THE BUTTONS BELOW ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE - you will end up just importing specific events, that are not dynamic! The magic happens in step 2...

STEP 1: Use the Google Chrome browser on a desktop / laptop that is logged in to a Google account and select the calendar you would like to subscribe to from the following links:


After clicking, you should see your Google calendar and a pop-up windows "Add Calendar" - click on Add

In order to be able to identify the calendar easily, go to "other calendars" in the left hand window, hover over the calendar just created, and click on the 3 horizontal dots that appear. Select "settings", and in the "Name" box under "Calendar settings", change the name to something more recognisable - e.g. "PMSC Sailing events". Go back to the Google calendar page.


STEP 2: Go to your smartphone / tablet and open the Google Calendar App 64px Google Calendar icon 2020.

  • In the top LH corner, click on the 3 horizontal bars
  • scroll down to "Settings", and click.
  • Scroll down the calendars in your account, and click on "Show more".
  • Click on the PMSC calendar that you added, and then select "Sync".
  • The chosen calendar will now appear in your calendar.

Repeat for each PMSC calendar you require.

Apple iThingies

To add a PMSC calendar to your Apple Calendar on an iPhone or iPad, or to iCloud :

iCal addresses

NOTE: These addresses are for Outlook on Windows 10 or Apple devices ONLY. If you are wanting a calendar for Android, please follow the Android instructions.

For Social events Copy and paste the URL:



For PMSC Sailing events Copy and paste the URL:



For HCCS points & passage events Copy and paste the URL:



For Committee meetings Copy and paste the URL:



Repeat for each PMSC calendar you require.


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