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The "Combined Clubs River Series" has now merged with the "Haven Series", to form the "Haven Combined Clubs Series". Originally, the CCRS was a Series of Races supported by Pin Mill SC - Royal Harwich YC - Shotley SC - Harwich and Dovercourt SC - Haven Ports YC and Stour SC for the "Evening Star” Trophy, but is now open to all yachts based between Lowestoft and Burnham. There are two fleets within the series - the "relaxed fleet" (the former laid back CCRS) and the "experienced fleet" (the former win at all costs Haven series). Competitors who have placed in the top 5 of races in the Haven Series or Combined Clubs Series would be expected to enter the experienced fleet

The essential element in the casual fleet is FUN. These races are offered to boat owners who have been put off by the hype and psychological pressure often seen to surround yacht racing and provides you with an opportunity to get the very best out of your boat.


Sailing events

27 Aug 2022;
09:00AM -
Britannia race
29 Aug 2022;
Ha'Penny cup
03 Sep 2022;
PMSC Regatta
10 Sep 2022;
10:45AM -
Haven Combined Clubs Race 7 - W&FYC
24 Sep 2022;
10:45AM -
Haven Combined Clubs Race 8 - Pin Mill SC
24 Jun 2023;
PMSC Barge match
15 Jul 2023;
PMSC Smack race

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Tide times - Harwich

18 August 2022

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