Dear Competitor,

2019 marks a new chapter for racing in the region. In the past we have had two series with competing visions and ethos. Now for 2019, we have brought those two series together to give you the very best of both, or as we like to say; “fun racing, whatever your experience”.

I believe that this year, as one series, we can continue to embrace the accessibility and easygoing “Corinthian Spirit” of the Combined Clubs fleet – a model that has attracted so many new faces to the sport of yacht racing. At the same time, I believe we can continue to deliver high quality racing for those who aspire to sail their boat the very pinnacle of its performance, which is where the Haven Series has excelled.

Whether you are a regular competitor of either series, or joining in for the first time in 2019, I would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable season of racing.


Kind regards

Ed Harrison
Haven Combined Clubs Committee

HCC passage series

18 Jul 2020;
09:00AM -
Britannia race - RHYC
08 Aug 2020;
09:00AM -
Cork Sand Race - tbc
15 Aug 2020;
09:00AM -
Stroombank race - tbc

Tide times - Harwich

27 May 2020

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