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The Haven Combined Club Series (called ‘the series’) is an independent series of yacht races organised by the Royal Harwich Yacht Club; The Haven Ports Yacht Club; The Walton and Frinton Yacht Club; The Stour Sailing Club; The Shotley Sailing Club; The Harwich and Dovercourt Sailing Club; The Waldingfield Sailing Club; and The Pin Mill Sailing Club (called ‘the organising clubs’).

The series' exist to provide racing between yachts sailing under both IRC and Haven Handicap. Both classes hold equal status.

The series' are open to any single hull sailing yacht having a minimum water line length of 17 feet and meeting the series entry criteria, entered by a member of a sailing club situation between Lowerstoft and Burnham and skippered by the same or another such member. 

For the points series, there are two classes: The Experienced Fleet and the Relaxed Fleet, where the Relaxed Fleet is aimed at cruising skippers that fancy a go at racing!

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