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Application for membership.

By applying to join the Pin Mill Sailing Club, I agree to abide by the rules of the club. Click here to view the rule book.


If household membership:

Children under 21 if household membership:



No payment is required at time of application. The membership secretary will contact you once you have been accepted, requesting payment. 

Membership category  Subscription and one-off joining fee of £49 

Household = member, spouse & immediate family under
21, all residing at the same address

 £87 + joining fee of £98 = £185
 Single  £49 + joining fee of £49 = £98
 Junior (age 18-21)  £20 + joining fee of £48 = £68
Cadet (age 12-17)  £10 + joining fee of £48 = £58
Out of country (non-resident in UK)  £12 + joining fee of £48 = £60

NB:A member elected after 1st April shall be liable to pay joining fee and pro rata annual subscription for months left in the year

The joining fee remains fixed at the rate of a single subscription per applicant



Enter details of your proposer and seconder. To qualify, they must have been members themselves for at least a year, and preferably have known you personally for at least two years.

If you do not have a proposer and seconder, leave blank and the membership secretary will contact you to arrange an informal meeting at the Club with a Flag Officer .

Details of yacht (if any)



 Click here for the club rule book. Click here for the club Fire Safety document. Click here for the club Health & Safety document. Click here for the PMSC GDPR policy.

I have read the club rules, Fire Safety and Health & Safety documents, and agree to abide to them.


Please e.mail all enquiries to: membership_secretary@pmsc.org.uk

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