To reserve one of the available craft (not sure what they are at the mo...) please log on to the website and then the bookings calendar will appear below...

...then click on "add an event" at the bottom of the calendar. Then enter <your name - what you are booking> in the "Title" box. Click on Calendar, and then select the day / time you wish to book - NOTE: bookings to be completed as am or pm, so 09:00 - 12:00 or 12:00 - 17:00. Once completed, click on Save and Close. Once your "event" has been created, navigate back to this page, either by clicking on "Canoe / boat bookings" at the bottom of the page, or via the menu. Your reservation will be shown in the calendar.


Once reserved, please fill in the form below, which will take you to the payment page at the end.



Just imagine there is a booking form here, the same as the fitting out supper type of form... :-) The point is to show how the calendar function works - we know forms do!


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