Following the very successful wine tasting hosted by Lidl's Master of Wine - Richard Bampfield, we get his personal updates on what is good at Lidl! The latest is:


Need to refill the wine rack? Help is at hand! The new Lidl Wine Tour will be in store from May 23rd and here are my favourites…….

Dry Whites
Casal Montani Frascati Superiore - £5.99 - House wine at every restaurant in Rome and this is a particularly refreshing example
Portal do Minho Vinho Verde - £6.49 - If you need a light, dry, supremely thirst-quenching white for the summer, then this is it. Buy 2 just in case the first bottle disappears a little quickly……
Visigodo Verdejo - £6.49 - Spain’s answer to Sauvignon blanc - well worth a try

Dry Rosé
Cabriz Dão - Pale, light Portuguese rosé which grows and grows on you. Ever so drinkable…..
Primitivo Rosé - £5.49 - okay, so this one isn’t totally dry, but it is fruity and full of flavour and would be perfect with the barbecue.

Bardolino Chiaretto - £6.99 - Light, fizzy and refreshing. Uncomplicated, easy-drinking.
Arestel Cava Ecologica - £6.99 - Spellcheck wants me to call this Arrested, which is unfair. If you like bone-dry sparkling wines, then this is for you - a really good example of Brut Nature.
Deval Saumur - £8.99 - A tad more expensive, but worth it.
Clairette de Die Tradition - £7.99 - We have featured this before - simply delicious, light, sparkling white, a natural with fresh strawberries……

Dry red
Chateau Prieuré de Blaignan Médoc - £8.99 - Décent red Bordeaux, not too heavy, nicely balanced and ideal with lighter meat dishes
Juliénas - £7.99 - Bright and juicy - ideal summer red, even more refreshing lightly chilled
Albret La Loma Garnacha - £7.99 - Lovely, juicy Spanish red, perfect with those slightly burnt barbecued sausages……
Las Colinas del Ebro - £5.99 - Astonishing depth of flavour at this price - best decanted or served from a carafe
Laertes Rey Organic Graciano - £7.99 - Made from the lesser-known of the Rioja grapes, this is rich and flavoursome - particularly good at the price.

Stay thirsty!

Richard Bampfield MW

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