e.mail prefix
ROMY BLACKBURN gif Commodore Romy Blackburn Commodore
Mark Poppleton 63 x 84  Vice Commodore Mark Poppleton Vice_Commodore
David Abbott (64 x 68) Rear Commodore David Abbott Rear_Commodore
SusieMills Hon. Secretary Susie Mills Secretary
 JeanMuircroft Hon. Treasurer Jean Muircroft PMSC_Treasurer
Hon. Asst.Secretary Sara Hopkinson Assistant_Sec
SteveMiller Hon. Sailing Secretary Steve Miller Sailing_Secretary
Cathy Abbott Hon. Bar Secretary Catherine Abbott Bar_Secretary
PaulJefferies  Hon. Property Secretary Paul Jefferies Property_Sec
Hon. Moorings Secretary Ian Saunders Mooring_Secretary
Di Chilvers 64 x 80 Hon. House Secretary Di Chilvers House_Sec
JudyTerry  Hon. Social Secretary Judy Terry Social_Sec
Hon. Barge match secretary Julian Ackland Barge_Secretary
GraemeHammond Membership secretary Graeme Hammond Membership_secretary
Oliver Member Oli Stockman OliStockman
  Member James Ackland JamesAckland
 JillHodgsonTN Member Jill Hodgson JillHodgson
Webmaster Lee Foster Webmaster
Newsletter editor Sara Hopkinson Circular
VAL STONE gif Librarian Val Stone Librarian
  Merchandise Kathryn Doughty Merchandise
DillyRidge  Bar Committee member Dilly Ridge DillyRidge
Bob Emmett (64 x 84) Bar Committee member Bob Emmett BobEmmett
David Abbott (64 x 68) Bar Committee member David Abbott  Rear_Commodore
Mark Poppleton 63 x 84 Bar Committee member Mark Poppleton Vice_Commodore
 IanMelville Bar Committee member Ian Melville IanMelville
RICK KIRKUP gif   Bar Committee member  Rick Kirkup  RickKirkup
 JeanMuircroft  Bar Committee member  Jean Muircroft  PMSC_treasurer
Due to increased amounts of "spam", it has been necessary to remove any clickable links to e.mail addresses. To email a member of the committee, use the above prefix followed by @pmsc.org.uk
To send an e.mail to all on the Committee mailing list, go to the Password protected committee info   page.
Past Flag Officers / Roll of Honour Click Here...


Committee meeting dates

18 Oct 2018
08:00PM - 11:00PM
Committee meeting
08 Nov 2018
08:00PM - 11:00PM
Committee meeting
17 Nov 2018
08:00PM - 11:00PM
06 Dec 2018
08:00PM - 11:00PM
Committee meeting
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